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A Manual For Composing A Business Studies Skills Development Essay

One of the most important things that need to be considered when writing any type of business essay is that the content presented is highly relevant and that every argument uses qualified examples or references to support it. Next in line for importance are factors such as the use of appropriate language, proper presentation, and proper layout. By following the guidelines listed before, you will be capable of creating a business studies skills development essay that is compelling, insightful, and well-structured.

  • Analyze your question: Identify exactly what will be addressed by the title/question of your essay. Think carefully about the approach you are going to take towards your writing.

  • Research your material: In order to compose a fantastic paper it is imperative that your research is excellent. Use academic sources that are reliable and reputable, such as books by noted professionals, researchers, or scholars, or case studies and articles that are listed in official journals.

  • Plan an outline: Writing an outline will assist you with presenting all of the information you are including in a logical manner that is easy to follow. By taking the time to jot down the key points you will be introducing you can make sure that nothing is forgotten.

  • The writing format: The generally accepted format for writing a business studies skills development essay is as follows: Introduction, background, findings, conclusion, bibliography, and appendices.

  • Key wording: Pay extra attention to how you have worded your question to be sure that your information is presented properly. Common wording includes explain, examine, review, interpret, criticize, describe, compare, illustrate, discuss, and analyze.

Checklist for editing and proofreading

By using the checklist below you will easily be able to pick out any areas which may need improvement, possible weak arguments, and errors in style and grammar. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has your question been answered completely?
  • Is all of your information and material presented in the most logical order?
  • Is all of the content relevant and accurate?
  • Are there examples, evidence, and arguments to support all of the main points?
  • Have all the sources you used been referenced?
  • Is all of the language used "business formal?" Is everything precise and clear?
  • Is all of the punctuation and spelling perfect?

If there are any areas of your paper that you are not happy with, keep editing and proofreading until you believe that there is nothing more of value that you will be able to include.


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