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5 Aspects To Consider When Writing An Essay About Trust In Friendship

Teachers ask students to write essays on different topics. You may be asked to compose a paper about trust in friendship. This is a comparatively simple task because it doesn’t require you to conduct thorough research but rather express your own thoughts on the topic. However, if you want to earn an excellent grade, it’s advisable to consider several important aspects.

Things to Consider for Creating an Outstanding Paper

  1. Plan your actions ahead.
  2. You should create an outline for your paper before you start writing. Outlining will help you structure your text in a proper way. If you follow an outline, you will include all the important details and won’t forget about anything. Without an outline, you may compose a paper with a frail structure and poor transitions.

  3. Grab the reader’s attention in the introduction.
  4. The opening paragraph of your essay should begin with an interesting or even provoking sentence. You may use some fact related to trust in friendship or quote a famous person, for example. Once the attention of the reader is drawn to your paper, you should give a brief description of your topic and finish the introduction with your thesis.

  5. Discuss your topic in detail in the body.
  6. This section should consist of at least three paragraphs. In each paragraph, you should write about different aspects of trust in friendship: how to pick friends whom you can trust, why you should have a friend whom you can trust, etc. Start each paragraph with a clear topic sentence. Make smooth transitions from one paragraph to another.

  7. Summarize your points in the conclusion.
  8. The last paragraph of your essay is needed to convey your final message based on everything that you’ve written previously rather than raise new points. Restate your thesis and topic sentences. Finish the conclusion with a memorable sentence that stimulates the reader to think about what they’ve just read.

  9. Revise your paper.
  10. It’s very important to proofread your text. Take a break after writing and return to your paper with a fresh mind. Search for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. You may also want to rewrite some phrases or sentences that sound weak or awkward. Give your paper to someone else. Maybe, they’ll spot some mistakes that you’ve missed.

Using Sample Papers

If you aren’t sure how to write your essay, approach your teacher and ask them to provide you with sample papers. Look through these examples in order to learn how to structure your text.


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