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How To Compose A Great Essay On Effective Leadership Qualities

Before you start writing on any topic, be it an essay that you have to write or an article, you need to do some homework, i.e. research on the topic. So let’s start by making certain things clear to you. The terms leader and manager are not one and the same. Though they both work towards making valuable contributions to the organization, they are always different. Many seem to confuse between these two terms. For those people to understand the difference easily, a leader is a person who has power within him, can take personal and active interest in achieving the goals and can act independently, whereas, a manager needs the power to be entrusted to him by someone in a position higher than him. They usually play a passive role and at times when they work alone, they tend to become anxious and tense.

Once you have become familiar with the differences between those terms, you will need to know as to what kind of qualities a leader usually has, which is as under,

  • He has to focus on the people rather than on things
  • He has to carry out work efficiently, i.e. do right things with confidence and positive attitude
  • Inspire the people
  • Motivate them
  • Have influence over them
  • Build up their confidence
  • Also has to shape the entities

I have mentioned only a handful of qualities that are mostly required for them.

Now you can start with the writing part if you have understood all the points mentioned above. But it is always better to dig in for more information from the available resources. An essay, as everyone knows, has three parts,

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Each part has its own importance.

Before you start writing, you need to create a small idea of what you will be writing about and how you will be writing. The flow of the thoughts is very important, and it has to be in the right order.

The introduction is a part that makes the reader decide whether they want to continue reading it or just move to some other essay. I usually begin with a set of questions, questions that are related to the topic and will be thought-provoking to the readers. The first paragraph I begin in this way.

Then in the body part, slowly and steadily, you will have to give answers to those questions, provide real time examples whenever and wherever possible. Try to keep the flow of writing with thoughts interlinked in a way that it makes sense and keeps the reader bound to read further.

The conclusion part should be very effective. It must sum up the overall idea while providing a final perspective on the topic. If you are done with the conclusion, it does not mean that you have completed your essay, the main part begins now. You will have to proofread, look if the flow of the essay is good with no errors both in terms of grammar and spelling. Once this is done, it means you have completed your essay successfully.


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