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Top Strategies To Get Argumentative Essay Introduction Examples

An argumentative essay requires you to form an opinion and then to prove your opinion with credible, academic, and reliable sources. It can be fun to write because you can express yourself and then research proof that backs up your claim or your thesis. You do have to be careful to not get too emotional in the piece. For every idea you have, you must include several pieces of support.

In any paper, you very much want to start strong and to finish strong. This is so that you grab your audience’s attention, and then you end strongly in order to have your reader thinking about your ideas long after he or she has finished reading. In an argumentative piece, your main goal is to get your reader to agree with your idea. Use our top strategies for a great beginning to your composition in order to achieve your goals.

Strategies to Use in Your First Paragraph

  • Use a quote-you can use a quote to grab your reader’s attention. You can look to a classic Aristotle quote for a philosophy based paper or a Shakespeare one when discussing who is more evil of two of his characters. Your quote does not have to be by a famous person, but it does need to be the perfect quote for the perfect fit. Using a quote that does not fit is not effective and will simply confuse your reader.
  • Tell story-stories can be quite magnetic. Use an entertaining one to grab your reader’s attention quickly. Just remember, this is an academic paper, and some stories might not be suitable for the classroom.
  • Consider the full circle technique-in this technique; you begin an idea that you then finish in your closing paragraph. Or you state an idea that you then re-visit in your conclusion. It gives the paper a nice tight construction, and can be easy and fun to implement in your piece.
  • Strong data or details can be impactful-if you give an astounding fact or statistic in your first paragraph, you can quickly grab your reader’s attention. This will make him or her want to keep reading. This attention getter can be very useful and quite effective
  • Ask a question-the question, of course, cannot be orally answered by your reader. The idea is that the question will cause your audience to consider your ideas and your question. Once you plant consideration into your reader’s head, you have then hooked him or her.

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