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Where Can I Get Narrative Essay Conclusion Examples

Narrative essays can be fun because, for once, you are welcome to write about yourself, a personal experience you have had or a life event which caused you to experience an “epiphany” of some sort. An epiphany is a term that was coined by the writer James Joyce—you can think of it as a “light bulb” moment, when you suddenly realize something profound because this experience has caused you to.


For example, you might say something like, “After getting in that car accident, I realized that life is very precious, and we have to appreciate every day of it as long as we are alive.” Or it might be something less emotional. One of the best narrative essays I ever received from a student was one on trying to lay tile in a kitchen, and how the guy realized that sometimes it might be better to hire a professional.

So, what is crucial to any movie, any book that you read is that the main characters are changed by some experience--- the same is true of a narrative essay. So start thinking on topics you could use for these.

In the conclusion of a narrative essay, you can move to this ultimate realization you experienced and how this experience really changed you as a human being.

Using Samples to Improve Your Essays

Sometimes, it is good to have an already-completed sample in your arsenal of tools that you can use to conquer your essay. When looking for sample narrative or what is typically called today “memorable experience essays” you can look for real epiphanies that changed the characters being captured in the essay and then view sample papers and how they strategized their closing paragraph,

How to find The BEST Conclusion Samples

And you can find great conclusion samples with a handy trick I have. Look up “award winning memorable experience essays” or “national award writing contest winners for memorable experience essays.

Watch how they use the closing to bring their epicene to a close. Typically in a conclusion to these types of essays, the conclusion will move to a final sentence about how this experience changed them as an individual, or the lessons they will take from that experience and apply to their work-a-day lives.

Narrative essays can be really fun to write and there’ nothing great with using samples – great samples – for motivation and guidance.


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