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Editing Essay Tips: How To Polish My Paper

What to do after you have finished writing your perfect essay?

  • Step #1: Before turning in your essay to your professor or teacher, have to ensure that you have done at least two copies of the essay.
  • Step #2: Each copy of the essay that you have drafted needs to be reviewed by you and a third party.
  • Step #3: Should always have a third party review the essay for you because they have a “fresh pair of eyes” and have a different perspective when they review the essay.
  • Step #4: Each draft copy after it has been reviewed, should be corrected and re-written based on the edits of you and the third party who reviewed the essay for you.
  • Step #5: It is always advisable to have a professional like your teacher, professor, or English major review the finalized copy of the essay for you.
  • Step #6: Ensure that you make all the necessary corrections to the essay including spelling, grammar, and sentence format corrections.
  • Step #7: Once all corrections have been made to the finalized copy of the essay, now it is time to turn it in for your “A+” grade.

Here are a few editing techniques one can use to correct an essay and make it an “A” essay:

  • Technique One: If you can afford to do it, it would be good to hire a professional proofreader or editor to review the essay for you.
  • Technique Two: Should always do at least two drafts of the essay before writing the final essay.
  • Technique Three: Never be insulted or upset when someone makes corrections or makes suggestions on how to re-write the essay.
  • Technique Four: Always have a third person review the essay for you because they have a “fresh pair of eyes” on the essay.
  • Technique Five: Having a third person check the essay for you is highly recommended because they may see errors and mistakes that you cannot see yourself.
  • Technique Six: With another individual reviewing the essay, they can give you good criticism and critique of the essay from a fresh viewpoint.
  • Technique Seven: It is good to use computer programs that can assist you with checking for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure issues or problems.
  • Technique Eight: Do not be afraid to ask someone to review, edit, and proofread the essay for you because you want to write the best essay ever for a good grade.

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