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Where To Find A Good Solution Proposal Essay Example

A solution proposal essay is an exciting but challenging form of writing. To be really good, the essay must make the reader care about the problem. Then, it must give at least one solution, and persuade the audience that the solution is a good option—if not the best. Usually, that entails carefully illustrating how the solution is effective, achievable, and won’t cost too much to implement.

So where can you find good examples of solution proposal essays? Luckily, there are thousands of people who have something to say, so there are thousands of great role models! These are our favourite tips for honing in on the best of the best.

Be controversial

Arguing for a problem that almost everyone accepts and commonly agrees how to solve hardly stretches the form. Rather, go straight for the jugular on what really gets people fired up and passionate. Search for sensitive issues (on both sides of the debate), taboos, touchy subjects, and other holy cows. These authors will have to work far harder than normal to convince anyone, and so, usually demonstrate great techniques that are artfully executed.

Look for conversations

Another brilliant tip is to look for a series of essays that, taken together, are a conversation between different writers and different viewpoints. This shines a light on how arguments can be undermined, and then reinforced to be even stronger and better than before.

Listen to other listeners

Where the conversations are had, often user forums will allow other readers to weigh in with their opinions. Seeing how the majority of people react to particular examples is a really powerful way of identifying what “works for the common man”.

Find experts

Sometimes academics and theorists have spent by far the most time considering particular topics and viewpoints. That can make their arguments particularly strong (although not always compelling if they’re mired in academic jargon and abstract theories). But beware of the self-styled experts and other charlatans that are simply trying to win arguments by claiming authority they don’t really have.

Look for secret recipes (there are plenty)

There are hundreds of guidelines on how to write the perfect solution proposal. The more comprehensive, nuanced, and balanced of these link to dozens of examples of each of the underlying techniques or stratagems. Seeing the examples sliced up for analysis gives great insight into how the techniques can be assembled into a powerful whole.


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