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Where To Search For Proper Free Essays For Kids Online: Tips For Parents

If you want to look at essays to help your children, you are using a technique called modeling. Teachers who want their students to learn from looking at good products use this method of instruction. Make sure that when younger children model or mirror, they do not simply copy or plagiarize. The idea is to use a good example for reference and guidance, not to take another person’s work. When you are ready to help your son or daughter by modeling, there are several places where you can look for assistance. You can find proper free essays for kids online, in libraries, and at the bookstore.

Tips for Parents

  • Look Online Overall-explore different writing sites that you can locate on the World Wide Web. Look for professional writing company samples, college English department pages, teacher pages, and at help sites. As you explore this plethora of places, you will want to check the credentials of the author of these compositions. Qualified people may not have written the papers, and consequently they may be very poor examples for your child to mold. Always look for references of the writer.
  • Go to an Internet Library or Database-in this modern world; there are Internet libraries and thousands of databases. At these virtual bookshelves, you can find archived model papers. Each sample you locate should have a note as to who wrote the paper and what the writer’s qualifications might be. Many of the major colleges and universities now allow public access to their archived papers and their research materials. Many good things can be located at these places.
  • Go to an Internet Bookstore-did you know that you could purchase sample books with essays in them? There are literally volumes of such anthologies in existence. When you go to purchase one, you will be allowed to read some of the examples that are included within the book.

Parents, it is acceptable for your children to look at other people’s essays. And yes, you can find free samples. It is not, however, acceptable for your child to use another person’s essay and claim it as his or her own. You can find free of charge samplings all over the web, in an Internet library, or at a virtual bookstore. Wherever you find your help, make sure experts in the field write it.


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