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Coming Up With Great Illustration Essay Topics For Middle School Students

And illustration essay is one that uses examples (like facts and anecdotes) to illustrate a general idea. The first step to writing it is to choose a topic, and to come up with a good topic, you have to know what goes into it. Your essay should only use facts, not personal opinions. You need your example to have a point. Once you have your topic, you have to prove its truth and give information that supports it. Whatever your subject is, you have to be able to use data that proves your point. If you're writing about how having pets can be beneficial to a person's health, you will need to back that up with information so that people can't disprove your point.

  • Keep your audience in mind. You will be making your point to them, so your paper should convince them of your argument. You want to tell them why your story (or thesis) is necessary for you to share. Why is it so important for you to share this truth with them?
  • You might need to include short stories depending on your topic. These short stories will act as the body of your essay, and they should illustrate the purpose of your paper. Each short story should have a separate paragraph.
  • You may use personal experiences rather than general ones, as people are more interested in something when they can connect with it, so keep that in mind when you're trying to come up with a topic.
  • Now that you know the basics, it should help you find the right subject. Brainstorming is often the best and most effective way to come up with an idea. Write down each one that pops into your head, then look over the requirements of your essay, and cross out the ideas that you know straight away will not work. You need something that is solid, something that you know won't be too difficult to make your point on.
  • Another way to search for ideas is by looking through samples. Seeing other people's work can be a tremendous help because you can see exactly what's expected of you, and what kind of ideas other students went with. Use the samples as inspiration to come up with something of your own. You can even make a list of the subjects you find, and decide to use one of the same or something similar.

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