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Who Can Provide Me with a Good Essay Sample

Essay writing is an important skill that every student should gain, so it is not surprising that students have to write this type of assignment quite often. Some essays tell stories, some describe various subjects, and others present different points of views. If you do not understand what type of paper to choose, you should study good essay examples. Several sources can provide useful examples for you, such as:

  • Your school library
  • Various educational websites
  • Resources of university writing centers
  • Student forums and study groups in social networks
  • Your supervisor

The main types of essays include argument, exposition, description, and narration. You can learn their main features by looking through sample papers, as well as learn how to write a good essay by example.

  • Argumentative essay:
  • You should pick a side by making an argument against or for some point of view. This type of an essay is designed in order to convince the audience that your positon is right. You should compose a strong thesis statement and choose reliable evidence in order to develop your thesis and lead to a solid conclusion.

  • Expository essay:
  • Expository essays are designed to explain something to the readers. You can tell a story, compare facts, discuss different aspects of the problem, or explore the situation. The text should be concise and understandable. You should always keep your audience in mind, so it is better to avoid complex sentences and professional jargon.

  • Descriptive essay:
  • This is the easiest type of essay to write. If you do not like writing or have poor writing skills, you should prepare a descriptive essay. It simply describes different characteristics of places, events, processes, people, and concepts. You can write about what something looks like, where it comes from, how people use it, etc. You should provide vivid details so your readers will be attracted and interested.

  • Narrative essay:
  • Most students agree that they have to consider why they want to describe something before they start writing narrative essays. In most cases, the essay describes different characters and what happened with them. It is necessary to compose an interesting and logical plot. Many writers choose a chronological plot, but it often makes sense to include flashbacks and flash-forwards. The reader should experience the story, not just learn the facts that happened. Remember that the body paragraphs should support the main idea represented in the introductory paragraph.

However, it is not enough to read good essay samples. You should practice as much as you can, rewrite, and improve your writing abilities.


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