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Is It Possible To Get A Free Essay Written By A Professional?

This is the question many students ask when they are in a pinch and need to get a good essay quickly. The answer to it is yes, but you need to understand that there are some limitations that come with free essays. The biggest issue here is what you want to use this paper for.

There are two possible uses for a free essay:

  1. As a sample paper, to learn more about this particular type of academic writing.
  2. If this is your goal, you shouldn’t have any problems with finding high quality essays. Many custom writing services offer free samples, and there are some specialized databases where you can get all kinds of papers for free.

  3. As an essay you will hand in under your name.
  4. In this case, a simple free sample of a professional’s work won’t be enough. Any paper like this has multiple online copies, so you it won’t pass even a simple plagiarism check. Trying to pretend that you were the one who actually wrote it will ruin your reputation completely.

Does this mean that you cannot get a free unique essay written by a pro? In the majority of cases, it does, as qualified professionals deserve to be paid for their jobs. However, there is a silver lining in every situation. If you truly cannot afford a custom paper, you can rewrite a high quality sample. However, this kind of job will require a lot of effort and a bit of time.

It will be best to use the sample as a basis for your research instead of simply trying to reword every sentence. You should follow the author’s arguments and look for some more evidence. Replacing the data part of the essay will reduce the chances of plagiarism accusations greatly.

Add some thoughts of your own, especially in the conclusion, as this section will leave the final and strongest impression on the reader. This is why it’s essential to write it from scratch, which makes the work seem unique.

Quality rewriting will take some time, as you will need to do quite a bit of research. Therefore, this solution will not work when you are in a pinch. In a situation like this, you need to consider all the risks and merits that can be gained without breaking the deadline of the assignment. Perhaps it will be wiser to borrow some money and pay a qualified professional to write a unique paper in your stead.


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