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Writing Essays On Child Abuse: 5 Helpful Strategies

When giving advice to high school or college students as to the different ways one should go about writing on a controversial subject like child abuse, most experts suggest a few helpful strategies that aim to keep writing informative, appropriate, and worthy of academic and critical discussion. Here is a list of the top 5 strategies for composing essays on child abuse:

  1. Write in the third person with a lot of facts
  2. When writing this kind of essay, and most academic essays, you should use the third person voice. When writing on a controversial issue you certainly include a lot of facts and remove any editorial language that suggests that the information presented is your own (i.e., “Most parents would be horrified…”). It can be easy to offend when composing an essay on this subject, so review your content before submittal.

  3. Treat the opposite side appropriately
  4. Make yourself the Devil’s Advocate when writing on a controversial subject. Using this technique will allow you to consider the opposition side of an argument, even if you don’t entirely agree. Consider every question, piece of evidence, and argument you have presented and make yourself view it from the opposite side.

  5. Beware of the one-sided righteous support
  6. Surprisingly, certain components child abuse subject can be quite polarizing. Issues such as tradition, religion, parent’s rights, international law, etc., can each switch the pendulum of a fair and even argument towards one end or the other. When researching information you might find that one side is more accessible than the other. It might be best to review your intent and possibly change your topic.

  7. Leave a way back out of a single side
  8. Give yourself the opportunity to leave a topic in which you cannot avoid injecting your personal opinion, unless the assignment has asked for it specifically. Remind yourself that you are supposed to analyze and evaluate the evidence you find from a neutral point of view. If you find yourself misrepresenting evidence in order to put forth a personal belief you have gone from composing an academic paper to a composing an opinion piece.

  9. Prepare for oppositional criticism
  10. Regardless if you have chosen this topic on your own or if you were given it by your instructor, you’re bound to find some readers who are critical – especially if it’s reviewed by your peers or classmates. Be prepared to respond positively to academic and constructive criticism. Don’t take things personally and try to respond by citing elements contained within your paper.


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