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Who Can Write My Essay Instead Of Me: Good Suggestions

Nobody is perfect: unless you sacrifice a social life, sleep, and food in college, it is pretty hard to keep your head just above the water, let alone get good grades. College students are treated like the interns in a huge corporation: made to work a year’s worth for little to no pay. That’s why students always struggle when it comes to completing their assignments. While some try to cover some ground in every aspect, others seek varied avenues of help.

Can you really hire someone to write your essay for you?

College teachers have always treated this question as a point of contention. While the work turned in by students is original, they are able to tell whether it is in correspondence with the rest of the work the student may have submitted the entire year. Thus, there is much debate on whether hiring someone to do your work is ethical. However, it is entirely possible.

Where can I get help to write my essay?

You have two options:

  • You may seek someone out in person and request them to write your essay. This person may be one who is affiliated with a professional writing agency, or someone who works as an independent, freelance academic writer. Students usually opt for this method as it guarantees personal contact between them and the author, something that is limited to an online platform.
  • If you do not find someone in person, you can turn to an online essay writing service. These websites have a plethora of experienced writers, who are knowledgeable in various fields and will help you turn in your paper on time. While this method may not establish personal contact between you and the writer, it will definitely save your time and energy by having to interact with him/her through only a chatroom.

Once you find a writer you think will do you good, make sure you ask for their credentials. If need be and time permits, have them write a short test article for you before you actually hire them. This way, you will be able to familiarize yourself to their mood and tone of writing, which will be a great help in the future.

Additionally, make sure the writer, while presenting his/her thoughts, incorporates your voices successfully. Turning in an excellent paper after submitting mediocre work all year round will only raise red flags all over.


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