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A Model for a Proper Writing: Using Essay Samples

When people used to learn a new trade, they would learn from a person who was already an expert in his or her field. This was known as an apprenticeship. Much like apprenticing, the skills of proper writing can also be learned by example. When looking for a proper model of writing, writing samples can be the best source of assistance. Using essay samples to assist you in the writing process can help you to better understand the content, format, and citations specifications.

  • Content
  • One of the major aspects of writing that can be learned by example is the expected content of paper. Papers are written in paragraph form and they are expected to include an introduction, body content and conclusion. This formula can be seen in any successful work of writing. The content of the paper should be research-based too.

    The introduction will present your background information, and thesis statement. This is where you will familiarize your readers with your topic, and present your main point. The body of your paper will be split into paragraph form, organized by the points of support you are making. The body content of your paper will transition into your conclusion. In the conclusion we do not present any new information, and we wrap up the overall point of the paper.

  • Format
  • In addition to helping you understand the proper content for your paper, sample papers will also assist you in understanding the format of your paper too. We briefly discussed the format when going over the content, but to further elaborate, the format of your paper will be broken up into paragraph form. You will have an introduction, body, and conclusion sections of your paper. These sections will be lengthy and brief, depending on the instance, but there will always be set organization.

  • Citations
  • One more way you can learn by example is by viewing essay samples to get a better grasp on citations and how citations work. Whether your paper is APA or MLA, there will be citations present.

By looking at samples of writing, you will be able to have a better understanding of what is expected of “proper” writing. There are certain kinds of content, formats, and citations that are expected of you. It is hard to understand these expectations without ever having seen a sample. Look to sample essays for the best models of proper writing. These samples can be located through academic resources, peers, professors, and other student resources.


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