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5 Tips On How To End An Expository Essay About Corruption

Corruption has become an integral part of politics in almost every sphere of the world. In fact, it has penetrated every nook and corner and has devastated the globe. No one can stay immune and all the associated parties have to bear the grudge. It is a vast and highly interesting topic that always gathers pubic momentum. The issues on corruption always collects a huge crowd and is a hotly debated question. Whether it is India or the United States, scandals and scams are but obvious part of it. The politics is flooded with many examples like Harry Red in America and Congress party in India.

Apart from keeping its beginning interesting, conclusion should be paid attention too while writing composition on corruption.

Check out the tips on writing an interesting conclusion

  1. Organization: Since the conclusion is very limited in terms of its word count, it has to provide a quality structure. Ensure that the writing is uniform and all the sentences are interlinked. They should not seem un-fragmented. The written facts should not be randomly written; In fact they should identify the main idea. The ideas on paper should match the headings of main body.
  2. Keep a watch on the word count: A conclusion of an expository essay should not be too lengthy. It should be in appropriate proportion of the entire page. If the paper is of 500 words, a conclusion should not exceed 50-60 words.
  3. Cover all the main ideas cited in the entire essay: Conclusion should be such that when the reader goes through it, he/she should have a good idea about the entire content. Sometimes the reader does not go through the entire content and evaluates the writing via only conclusion.
  4. No new concepts should be introduced at this stage: Beware of this aspect. If you try to introduce anything new, the paper will lose its significance. No supporting details should be introduced at this stage.
  5. Keep it interesting: Most of the time, students do not have patience and are running short of time. Under that case, they go through conclusion part only. Hence, one must ensure that the content is informative and highly interesting. This is the most critical step of writing which can make you win or lose the battle. Basically, a nice conclusion adds the final touch and sums up the paper. If you can add some informative verbs, a creative voice, some highly interesting hypothetical anecdotes or some interesting words of reference, they will create a special place in the queue of thousands of essays.

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