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Looking For Free Criminal Law Essays Online: Helpful Tips

Using other examples of criminal law essays to inform and guide your own writing is a legitimate technique that students often use in order to write the best paper possible. Unfortunately, finding examples can be difficult, especially online and even more especially for free. Below are outlined a few helpful tips on how to get criminal law essay examples from the internet without paying a penny.

  • Google Scholar
  • Google Scholar is a wealth of academic wonder, and all students should be using it as often as possible. There are so many papers, dissertations and other academic writings there that are of top quality and, more importantly, are absolutely free to peruse and even download. This should be the first stop that you make when looking for criminal law essay examples. Just remember to use intelligent keywords but not be too restrictive on search terms in case you end up missing what would have been a really good source.

  • Search the websites of universities and/or academic establishments
  • This is a tip that people often forget, and yet it is so simple and very effective. Often, universities will provide their students with examples of the sort of writing they are looking for from them. This means that there are thousands of free samples of essays from all sorts of subjects just waiting to be accessed. Sometimes, individual departments will have better or more specific examples on their separate sites, so remember to check there, too. And don’t be disheartened if you don’t find an example straight away: some universities do not have their samples available to the public. That does not mean that you shouldn’t try another university, though!

  • Google search
  • Plain old’ Google will do if you really cannot find anything by following either of the first two tips. Often, Google will pull up different results from Google Scholar, so it’s worth checking them both! Just remember to add in certain keywords:

    1. ‘Free.' It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to specify this and get all sorts of pay-for-essay sites. Some will still come up if you specify that you don’t want to pay, but it’ll be far fewer.
    2. ‘PDF.' For some reason, you tend to get better academic results on Google by typing in PDF along with the other search terms. It will usually bring up PDFs of essays and other academic writing, which are obviously much easier to download than text on websites.

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