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Top 50 Persuasive Essay Topics To Write About

Persuasive essays denote those factions which offer two ends. You can either go this way or that. You are also encouraged to take an active part in the discussion since the topics are quite generic.

Here are 50 unique persuasive essays for your reference

  1. Is Patriarchal society the right way to go?
  2. Is teen pregnancy that big a problem?
  3. Should Social Media be placed under parental care?
  4. Generalization of same-sex marriage
  5. Acceptance of the third gender
  6. Should Poker experts be disallowed to participate in tournaments where starters also play?
  7. Will contract marriage be the next in-thing?
  8. Men are more intelligent than women
  9. Africa has more potential for growth than Asia
  10. Capitalism is better than Socialism as an ideology
  11. Murderers should be accorded every facility as they wait the death knell
  12. Should orgy be universally accepted as a norm?
  13. Should safe sex be taught in high school?
  14. Each citizen should essay one year of his life enrolled as a military personnel
  15. Reading in the morning is better than reading in the night
  16. Continual tension makes you a stronger personality
  17. Rural people are more open in the mind than urban people
  18. Binge eating is not necessarily a bad thing
  19. Chocolates have introduced an affinity for health consciousness
  20. Facebook should be used as a ploy to impart education
  21. Bullies are actually victimized; they only pay what they are dealt at
  22. A persuasive essay is more effective than an expository essay
  23. The code for job interviews should be drastically changed
  24. Target-connected jobs have the highest rate of attrition
  25. It is better to jump to a new lover post break-up in quick time
  26. Personalized gifts are better than corporate gifts
  27. You are best-placed when you know the art to devolve
  28. Narrative essays are the best way to learn English writing
  29. The Middle East situation is never going to improve
  30. Gold will cease to be of value in future
  31. Bankruptcy erupts out of attitude; not barrenness
  32. There is no power bigger than union power
  33. Communication is the biggest asset for a politician
  34. A war-less state gradually loses the art to defend itself
  35. The HR people have an inherent sense of determining the liars from the truth-tellers
  36. Beef and pork should be universally banned
  37. Animals should not be kept in cages for human pleasures
  38. There is nothing wrong in objectifying women in movies
  39. Sex tapes created with consent should be shown without censorship
  40. Students should be allowed to refer to Wikipedia as a genuine resource
  41. Celebrities should not endorse what they don’t make use of
  42. Kids learn cognitive skills at home more than schools
  43. Newspapers have lost their fine art
  44. Dictatorship is not essentially a bad idea
  45. Single mothers should be encouraged
  46. People should have the right to sell their organs
  47. Media’s interference should be severely curbed
  48. Politics should now be handed to the youth brigade
  49. The US were justified in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  50. There is an afterlife

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