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Renewable Energy In Turkey

The term renewable energy is the word which has created a buzz especially among the developed and developing countries these days. In a very simple term renewable energy can be defined as the energy which is generated or created from the natural resources of nature such as- heat, rain, wind, sun rays or sunlight, water , etc. Energy which is also generated and utilized from geothermal heat can also be termed as renewable energy. These days, owing to the environmental pollution most of the countries are facing a majority of which is contributed by the industrial sewage, most of the developed and developing countries are concentrating on various means of generating and utilizing renewable energy and Turkey seems to be leading the way in this particular sector. In this article we will discuss in brief about the overall nature and status of renewable energy in Turkey.

Till few years back, Turkey though a developed country, ranked in the list of worst countries to have poor lifestyles which was contributed to the lack of proper sourced energy and other factors. But, Turkey in order to improve its situation, has started working towards strengthening its renewable energy sector and has since then secured a loan of $350 million from the World Bank towards this cause. Renewable energy in Turkey as a whole can be categorized into four sectors- a. solar energy .b. wind energy c. hydroelectricity energy and d. geothermal energy. Turkey ranks high in the list of those countries, who mostly imports its energy from outside sources. It imports most of its energy from her neighboring countries like, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, etc. Turkey is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the black sea in the north and the Aegean Sea in the west and has many rivers and lakes. And Turkey uses these water sources to generate its hydro thermal renewable energy. Among its neighboring countries, Turkey is positioned very favorably to utilize the solar energy and insolation to its utmost level as Turkey’s insolation value is 7.2 hours per day which is much higher than any other of its European and Asian neighbor. And Turkey also plans to install more and more windmills in order to generate more wind energy also.

Turkey’s total energy consumption from all sectors in 2010 was 1221 TWh which is expected to grow considerably in next 10 years and hence, the country’s government has decided and launched the mission to go 100% on Renewable energy by the year 2020 by considerably increasing the security of the consumption of the energy, reducing the gas emitted by the greenhouse and balancing the energy sustainability apart from the above mentioned sources and factors.


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