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How To Come Up With Impressive Essay Topics In No Time

Many students are good with essay writing on a given topic. Very few students are quick in selecting a topic to write an essay on. Sounds strange, does it? The truth is that we are trained to follow orders and directions from childhood. Freedom is an illusory concept fed to us in little doses to make us feel good. Once you understand the training you have been put through it becomes plain that “choice” is a relative term too! Now that you have been given free reign over the process of developing an essay topic, why not make it an impressive exercise in freedom?

Here are a few suggestions that can help you flex your newly freed muscles of “choice”:

  1. To make the process quicker, start with compiling a list of all the issues you are interested in.
  2. Forget what people may think of this list. Do not hesitate (actually encourage yourself) to list the controversial ones. The more controversial the topic, the more interest it will generate in the reader. Take your sweet time making the list: let this be the lengthiest part of the process.

  3. Now arrange the issues in order of interest.
  4. It does not matter whether your main interest is in the annihilation of Homo sapiens or in the question of peas being green. Just follow your own heart, your own mind, and your own passion.

  5. With the list in hand see if the obvious contender has no competition.
  6. If one issue clearly outweighs the others you can go on to develop it into a topic. If two or more issues remain equally attractive, start thinking about the research work and evidence related to each. Pick the one you think you can defend with more vigor and force.

  7. After selecting the issue, write your position(s) on it.
  8. For example, Child Labor: Parents of child workers should be punished/Companies and people that employ children should be banned from business for life/ State should be responsible for providing the children with basic necessities etc.

  9. Select a position according to the type of essay you are required to write and then start researching it for evidence!

While developing a topic is no easy task in the presence of so many burning issues, it should not be too hard once you know where your heart is. You can also search online and in journals for topics related to the issue of your choice.


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