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Composing A Solid 3-Paragraph Compare And Contrast Essay

Just because an essay needs to only be 3 paragraphs long, it doesn’t make it any easier! In fact, the task can be even more challenging than an essay of normal length! So if you have got a 3-paragraph compare and contrast essay to write, here’s what you need to know to make it a good one:

What is this essay?

With a compare and contrast essay, you are being asked to explore the similarities (the comparisons) and the differences (the contrasts) between (usually) two things.

The 3-paragraph essay should be approached like any other essay. The first paragraph should introduce the subject which is to be compared and contrasted, the second paragraph should contain the main points of the comparison, and the third paragraph should state your conclusions.

Key points.

With such limitations, you need to make sure that you deliver the key points. Before you begin writing the essay, make a list of the main elements of your topic that can be compared and contrasted. Then refine this even further, allowing you to give a succinct overview of the differences and similarities; which will form the basis of your second paragraph.


Then plan the introduction and conclusion paragraphs, as by this time you will know exactly what your main body text includes. The introduction should state your aims and objectives and the conclusion should summarize and conclude on the facts and observations made in the body text of the second paragraph.


Once you have written a first draft of your essay, don’t stop there! If you want to create a really solid 3-paragrpah compare and contrast essay, you should work on it until it’s as good as it can be. So, you should re-read your essay whilst paying attention to things like: Does the writing flow well? Are the key points summarized and explained sufficiently? Could a better word have been used in a certain description? The more of a keen eye you have, and the more you alter accordingly, the sharper your essay will be.


Once you are happy with the content, you should read through it again for proofing issues. Pay attention to spelling, grammar and suchlike and make sure it’s all spot on! You don’t want to have spent your hard-working time creating your paper only to find that you’ve overlooked some glaring proof issues!

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