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How To Write An A-Grade Compare And Contrast Essay About Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant

Compare and contrast essays are a great way of looking at two different topics, to see how similar or different they are. For example, if you need to write a topic related to sport in some way, then you may wish to compare and contrast two basketball stars, such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

As part of your essay, there are various things you may wish to look at, with some of the possible options detailed below.

Look at each place different scoring record

When comparing and contrasting the two players, it can be a good idea to look at their different scoring records. You may wish to look at how me points each of them picked up overall during their career, as well as looking at individual seasons. You may even wish to compare any high-scoring games, as well as any records that they may hold related to scoring.

Compare physical attributes associated with each player

Another thing that you may wish to consider is comparing the physical attributes of each player. For example, you may wish to look at how tall each player is, as well as other physical attributes, such as arm span, foot size, and anything else you may think is relevant.

Compare how much each player earned during their careers

A great topic to use when comparing and contrasting these two players is to see how much each of them earned during their careers. You may wish to look at the basic salaries that they were paid by the clubs that they play for, as well as any bonuses that they may have earned. Equally, you may wish to look at sponsorship deals that the two players had, and compare which of the two players earned more, as well as what areas they made their money from.

Compare any trophies and awards each player one

One final thing to consider may be any trophies or awards that each player won. You may look at any trophies that they won as part of a team, as well as any individual awards the each player won during their careers. This can be a great way of comparing the success of these to basketball greats, and will give you an insight into how successful they were during their basketball careers.

Ultimately, you can use any topic you like to compare and contrast these two players - the ideas above are just a few of the possibilities you can choose from.


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