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The Secrets Of Writing A Top-Notch Rhetorical Analysis Essay

What is a rhetorical analysis essay?

  • It is a form of writing that analyzes and reviews the work of others like a book, novel, essay, journal, and visual works (photograph or web site).
  • The rhetorical analysis essay will find problems with the individual’s piece of work.
  • The essay will also find ways to improve the piece of work.
  • This kind of essay uses the concepts of rhetoric to study the correlation between the author, the audience, and the piece of work.
  • Here are a few works that a rhetorical analysis essay can be written on:
    1. Bumper sticker;
    2. Speeches;
    3. Articles;
    4. Books and novels;
    5. Advertisement;
    6. Web Site;
    7. Poem;
    8. Essay; and
    9. Photograph.
  • The rhetorical essay helps the writer to understand how the author of the work fulfills their purpose and how effective they are doing so.
  • The rhetorical analysis essay focuses not on what the author is communicating to the audience, but how they do the communication.

Here are a few steps to writing the best rhetorical analysis essay:

  • Step #1: Gather the following data on the piece of work:
    1. The author’s full name (first and last) or the Speaker.
    2. Description of the work otherwise referred to as the Occasion (the content or text of the work).
    3. The targeted Audience the work was written for or made for.
    4. The Purpose for the work (what the author wants to accomplish with the work).
    5. The Subject that is the main interest of the piece of work.
  • Step #2: Need to look at the logo appeals, ethos appeals, and pathos appeals.
  • Step #3: Need to examine the writer’s type of writing style like the use of metaphors and similes.
  • Step #4: Have to form your own personal opinion of how the author of the work fulfilled their purpose for it.
  • Step #5: Now it is time to write the rhetorical analysis essay.
  • Step #6: The rhetorical analysis essay should be formatted as follows:
  1. Introduction: is one paragraph; must identify the writer’s purpose for the essay; have a thesis statement; give a brief description of the work that is being analyzed or studied; and have to give reference to the speaker, occasion, targeted audience, work’s purpose, and subject of the work.
  2. Body: several paragraphs long; there should be a separate paragraph for each of the appeals discussed in the essay; the analysis of the essay should be written in chronological order; it should be written on an objective basis; and there should be enough evidence to support your analysis of the work.
  3. Conclusion: is one paragraph; the thesis statement needs to be emphasized again; the main points need to be discussed again; and should discuss if there needs to be further research done on the piece of work.

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