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Basic Tips For Writing A 3rd Grade Compare And Contrast Essay

Students in 3rd grades are extremely innocuous and still in their formative phase. They hardly retain any concrete notion and their mind is replete with imagination. They have to be shown the realities of the world through serialized templates. Compare and contrast essays are one of the startling ideas.

  • You should show these kids how to write these pieces. First of all, you should allot them topics they have an idea about. You cannot ask them the points of similarity and difference between Voltaire and Rousseau. Word games and block building comparisons are the way to go.
  • Secondly, you should teach them to pick the traits that are clearly evident. They should be encouraged to learn more about the elements from their parents and elders at home; also from their mates.
  • You should ask them to be more observant while on their school bus or while having a walk in the park. Little notations can help develop their cognitive skills with greater poignancy than the school syllabus will ever do.
  • You should also teach them how to scrip the Introduction. They should learn the art of giving a complete picture from where to map out the common and uncommon segments. This is a time-taking process and you also have to tune in the different capacities of different students.
  • You should also show them how to utilize examples and illustrations. This is something kids know and are comfortable with. They may be taught how to emphasize on a particular point of difference, using a crafty example.
  • You should keep in mind that they being Grade 3 students may not offer you the best piece you have ever read. Most of the submissions will be childish and logically so. Keep an eye on how they have absorbed your teaching and whether they have utilized that n their pieces or not. Encourage them to use their brains for a change; nit merely sticking to the school syllabus.
  • You should give them a run-through the previous compilations of compare and contrast essays written by their seniors. They will not only get an idea how the piece is tackled but also how they should think and on what lines. Here too, comparison helps and how!

In the end, you will be delighted by the improvement the kids make in the space of say, three months. There is nothing more heart-touching than seeing a flower open out or a little child grow out of his stature.


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