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How To Write A Proper Outline For An Analytical Essay

Outlining is a skill that many students do not completely understand. In today’s educational world, students tend to write a single draft of their essay and then they consider themselves finished with the assignment. This behavior usually result in a low grade because the essay turns out to be poorly organized. Students should know that writing an outline is the easiest way to organize an essay and outlines should be created, especially if students are only going to write one draft.

  • Find an Outline Template Online
  • Writing a proper outline no longer requires using Roman numbers and letters. Outlines can be crafted in any way that works for a student. Outlines today can be essay-writing templates, boxes, and predesigned outlines. If you have been given an analytical essay, you can probably find an outline online that you can use to properly plan your essay.

  • Break Up the Outline Into Paragraphs
  • If you prefer to create your own outline, you should break it up into the different paragraphs. The first paragraph should include spots for the hook, background information, and the thesis. The other paragraphs should include spots for the topic sentence and all of the evidence and explanations that you need to support your thesis statement. Each body paragraph should have its own place in the outline. The conclusion will need spots for restating the conclusion and all of the other sentences you want to include.

  • Organize Your Outline by Using Short Phrases
  • You will need to figure out how to organize your analytical essay, which is the entire purpose of the outline. If you want to be able to move pieces of your outline around to get the best organization, you should be sure to use short phrases rather than complete sentences. When students write outlines with complete sentences, they tend to have less motivation to reorganize their essays if the organization needs tweaking.

  • Organizational Styles to Use
  • Students can organize their analytic essays in chronological order or order-of-importance based on the subject. If you are writing a literary analysis, then chronological order works well. If you are writing about a mathematical or scientific analysis, then order of importance works. Every part of the essay needs to work towards accomplishing the goal of the essay, which is analyzing the topic to show how the small pieces work together to make a whole.


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