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What Is The Difference Between A Persuasive Essay And An Opinion Essay?

Sometimes writing can get a little bit confusing when trying to figure out the correct tone and structure of the piece. It can get even more confusing when you are working on an assignment that has the similar structure as another type of paper. For example would be the case of the persuasive essay and the opinion essay. These two prompts are very similar to each other and can easily get mixed up if you are not too careful. Here is a guide to telling both types apart, starting with a definition of the two types.


This type of paper does what the title says. The writer is to choose a topic and write about their opinion on the topic they have chosen. Specifically, you write about why you have you opinion on the topic. To explain your reasoning in the paper, you use mainly stories and facts that back up your opinion. You should also dedicate one paragraph to identify and show that you recognize the counter-opinions that go against your beliefs.


Once again, the name of the type fits the goal of the paper. The point of a persuasive paper is to try to convince the reader to agree with your views on a topic. In this piece, you will give the reader facts and empirical evidence to prove why they should believe your point of view is the best.

What do they have in common?

  • Both types make you form an opinion for a certain topic.
  • You have to argue why you think what you think about the topic in question.
  • You have t support or back up all of you points.

What is different between them?

With the persuasive essay, you will scientific and otherwise profession research as a support for your points. Your points will be driven by facts and actual information that has been studied. Statistics and figures can also be used as proof. In this paper, the ultimate goal is to change the views of the reader so that they are on the same page as you. In the Opinion paper, you are simply stating what you think and why you think that. This means that you will be using support that appeals to the emotions of the reader such as an interesting story or facts that coordinate with your views.

If you just follow this guide and make sure you sure within the criteria of the paper you are writing, then there should not be any problems with potentially getting them mixed up ever again. Just remember the difference between them and remember to point that you are trying to convey in the paper.


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