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A List Of Easy Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Writing an argumentative essay has some rules to it to begin with. Before coming to a list of topics that you may build focus on, it is important to understand a few things about the concept itself. Here are somethings that might help.

The purpose of the writing

Before starting on the writing, you must get an insight on the possible list of purposes that you aim to solve through the essay. In most cases, the cardinal purpose of an argumentative essay is to let the reader have a thorough idea of both the notions.

Keep flipping the coin

In an argumentative essay, there has to be two sides for every fact, information or question. The writer needs to analyze every statement from both the perspectives. Even if you do not agree with a certain notion, make sure to reflect upon it in the course of the writing.

  • List of easy argumentative topics
  • An essay on the relevance of the human race for other species
  • Have we already established contact with aliens?
  • Should all nations admonish their nuclear arsenals at once?
  • Is it possible for us to better our past?
  • An essay on the validity of the voluntary human extinction movement
  • Are the measures to improve the global carbon footprint sufficient?
  • Is it for the better that gay marriages should be legalized?
  • How far are we from making the ultimate invention in science?
  • Do we have the ethical right to modify other species with genetic engineering?
  • Should we immediately stop non-vegetarianism?
  • Are we headed in the right direction of evolution?
  • Is it morally correct to execute a murderer?
  • Is digital gaming hampering mental well-being of children?
  • How far are we from establishing global peace?
What should you give the reader?

In an argumentative paper, you should always focus on the amount of relevance a reader extracts from the paper. There are several new writers who are susceptible to getting too deep into the topic for the comfort of the reader. While it is important that you generate awareness through the findings of the paper, you are also expected to make the right decisions that will keep the readers interested. These in-writing decisions are the ones that determine the success of an argumentative essay. Along with that, there is also the impetus on creating the paper in a style that is both lucid and information rich. Only then, a successful argumentative paper can be written.


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