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Practical Advice On Composing An Essay About Love For A Boyfriend

If you’re (an ovulating) female, you’re probably going to love writing about a topic of this sort. If you’re anything other than female, you’re most likely more inclined to make it entirely satirical because it sounds lame as heck. If for any reason you think this is a boring topic for an essay and want to get it over with but cannot think of what to say, we’re here to guide you.

  • Make it psychological: It’s not going to be cheesy if you approach it scientifically. Love is nothing but a bunch of chemicals. It is also safe to say that the only reason why anyone craves romance is because your body is tricking you into making babies. Not everyone relies solely on feeling lascivious to copulate, and so to make sure you act on this inclination to the promiscuity we humans tend to have, your body has a backup plan of making you chemically attracted to a person. This should be a nice introduction to what “love” is and why we feel it.
  • Females: Why are there stereotypes that portray women as more emotional and more elaborate with their feelings whereas men are supposedly terrible with such things? Well, the stereotypes are generally not wrong. It is the magic of estrogen! Females act so because of hormones, and those who undergo hormonal treatment for a sex change usually gain those so-called cold traits of men.
  • Loyalty: Some people have the capacity to be loyal, whereas others don’t. Though that doesn’t mean they don’t care. Such selfishness can be linked to the science of polygamy. Do a brief research on why some people are not capable of being monogamous from a scientific point of view.
  • Chivalry: Women who complain about how men are no longer gentlemen and don’t hold the door for them are the same women who stereotype men to all be pigs if they don’t give up their jacket when it’s below zero degrees to keep the ladies, who for some reason thought it would be suitable to wear a sleeveless dress in this weather, warm. This could be included in your essay as an example of an obstacle that gets in the way of relationships.
  • Breakups: Some people manage to stay in a relationship for as long as they can, whereas others leave at the first obstacle that is thrown at them. Usually, those people are impatient in a general sense and tend to give up on a lot more serious things than relationships, such as their future. You can links such traits with the overall psyche of a person.

See? Love isn’t so lame when interpreted from a psychological point of view. Have fun!


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