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Despite all the effort, the interracial relation in the United States of America still do not lose their tension. Though this problem of our society goes back to many centuries, each generation brings something new to it, so it cannot full disappear. In the last year this issue is thought to have gained a new aspect – the so-called reverse racism. It is believed to have changed is focus to the race that previously was the source of racism. However, a lot of the scientists still stay by the thought that such thing as a reverse racism does not exist. We will look at the facts they put in the defense of this point.

First of all, to speak of a race as such that promotes racism, it needs to possess two main traits. Those are privileges and power. The traits cannot exist separately from each other and only influence the racism, when combined. Privileges mean that a person that belongs to a certain race has an advantage over the representatives of the other race. Such advantage shall be visible in all the spheres of the social life. Power indicates that such privileges are supported by the bigger part of the society, in which the racism takes place. If these two concepts exist separately from each other, are not visually connected or are not represented in the society at the same time, it is hard to speak of racism.

Secondly, prejudice and mean statements are not the same thing as racism. Many of those, who speak in favor of existing of the reverse racism, put it up to the fact that black people have developed certain stereotypes in regards to caucasian population. However, the existence of such stereotypes does not necessarily mean the person is oppressed. Also, statements that are caused by personal preferences cannot be considered racist, even if they occur between the representatives of different races.

Summing up, not each and every offensive statement that is said by a representative of one race to the representative of another, can be considered racist. The roots of racism go in much deeper that verbal abuse. They have a whole history of physical difficulties of the coloured population and preferences, give to the representatives of caucasian society. This history has an unfortunate tendency to continue to modern times and have its influence of the functionality of the modern society, which, logically, had to finally step away from the racial differences, but is still on its way to it.


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