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Gender In China Society

Gender tries to spell out the place of each sex and the roles that they are supposed to take in the community. Gender has however been used in a way that it has disadvantaged some sex especially the female sex. Things have however been changing with time and there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Things could be brightening up for the women in the community today. In the China society, men are seen as the heads of the family. In the event when a man dies, and leaves behind a family, a relative to the dead man would take up the responsibility of heading that family. Things are changing and it is not exclusively a man’s role to be the head of the family. Women have also taken the challenge and can now head a family.

Role of men

Men have always been portrayed as the superior sex. They are given more rights than women. In the China society men were seen as a way of connecting to the ancestors and gods. Women were not given any roles related to this and were only put on record when they had made mistakes or caused trouble during the period of linking with the ancestors. They are the heads of families. They should provide for the family and offer security. In the China society man were allowed to have concubines. Concubines were not legal wives and were inferior to the legal wife in the way they were treated and their status. Men were allowed to have concubines in case their legal wives did not bear for them a son. This was to give them a chance to find a son as it was not allowed to lack a male heir. While women were hurriedly married off when they were of age, men were left behind and had to look after their parents. Women have to leave their parents behind and with the Chinas policy of giving birth to only one child; parents to women were left with no one to take care of them.

Role of women

Women in the China society did not have names. Although their male counterparts were allowed to have concubine wives, women were not allowed to remarry. Women were supposed to obey and help with the needs of the men close to them. They were supposed to obey their grown up sons and husbands.


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