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Many people spend a lot of time trying to find out about the different kinds of love that are exhibited by human beings. Many will give different explanations of what love is and how it develops. Even the bible has got its own meaning of love and the different kinds of love that are available. Nietzsche is also known for trying to talk and write a lot about love. He is from Germany and a renowned philosopher and lived towards the end of the 19th century. He is known and will be remembered for his philosophical statements about love and marriages. He once said that marriages are not happy not because they lack love but because of lack of love. In this statement, Nietzsche aimed at showing that love is mainly about human emotion and will be greatly affected by the condition of how those we love treat us.

Types of love

Nietzsche describes two major kind of love and relates them to how they are described in the bible. The first kind of love is the brotherly love which he refers to as phileo in Greek. This is love that is created through emotions that are expressed by our human bodies. The second kind of love is the one talked about in the bible. In Greek it is referred to as agape and he claimed that this is through the spirit. Nietzsche was of the opinion that many kinds of relationships can only be built around these two kinds of love. He mostly emphasized that those who wish to build good marriage and child to parent relationships should first cultivate good agape and phileo love.

Agape about caring in action

According to Nietzsche, Christians are aware that agape love requires love that is re-born again. This love can only be through having a God relationship through Jesus Christ. This love is attained through spirit and it is the only way through which one can love unconditionally. This love is viewed as love that makes one able to give without conditions and sacrifice for others. It is loves that gives without expecting something to be given in return. According to Christians, this love is not based on out bodily feelings but on our deeds and cats towards others that we feel love for. This is what was known as caring in action. Despite all these many people do not really understand that true love is not based on what you stand to gain. It is making and establishing a good friendly relationship between two that are in love.


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