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Nokia is a Finnish international information and communication technology company which has its head offices in Espoo in the great Helsinki cosmopolitan region. Nokia as a public limited-liability company is listed on New York and the Helsinki stock market. It is rated as the two hundred and seventy forth world’s biggest companies in accordance to 2013 revenue measures.

Development of Nokia

The forerunners of the present Nokia were the Finnish rubber works limited. Finish cable work limited and the Nokia Company. The name was generated from river Nokianvirta and Nokia town. The three companies eventually merged to form Nokia Corporation, a single business conglomerate in 1967.

Initially, Nokia Corporation multitasked on various products such as communication cables, paper products, footwear, personal computers, televisions, electricity production machinery, capacitors, robotics, military equipment and technologies, aluminum, chemical and plastics. Every business unit was headed by a director which reported directly to Bjorn Westerlund, the Nokia Corporation first president. The Finnish Cables Works president was responsible for the development of the initial electronic department of Nokia Corporation in 1960, which was the seed of the present Nokia Company.

Success of Nokia

At the present, Nokia majorly focuses on extensive telecommunication infrastructures, internet mapping services and technology licensing and development. Nokia as well is a vital provider to the mobile industry, having helped in generation of the LTE and GSM standards. At a certain period in the near past, Nokia was the world’s largest supplier of the cell phones. The Nokia dominance as well stretched into the industry of smartphone via the Symbian platform it possess, although it was immediately overtaken by Android devices and Apple’s iPhone line. Eventually, in 2011, Nokia entered into a treaty with Microsoft to absolutely utilize window platform on forthcoming smartphones.

Microsoft in September 2013 affirmed that the deal worthy over five billion pounds had been agreed with Nokia Company. Nokia former chief executive officer among other executives entered the new Microsoft mobile subordinate of Microsoft as part of the agreement that was accomplished on April 25th in the year 2014. Nokia started to license technologies and designs to third-part producers in November 2014, to ensure a persistent presence for brand of Nokia in the electronic hardware market of customer.

On April 15th of the year 2015, Nokia claimed that it would purchase Alcatel-Lucent, a French telecommunications equipment company for a price of over fifteen billion pounds. However, no official source from Nokia has confirmed the deal this far.


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