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Where To Look For Compare/Contrast Essay Examples: 5 Places You Wouldn't Think Of

When it comes to essay writing, there are many resources available for students. Compare/Contrast essays are common assignments in a high school or college class. For students who are new to this type of essay, reading through some example essays can help make the writing process a little simpler.

  • University Writing Center
  • Many colleges and universities offer a writing center on the campus. These locations generally offer writing style guides, tutors and examples of good essays. Students who need help with finding an example of a compare/contrast essay only need to step inside the writing center.

  • Library Database
  • A library is more than just a storage spot for books; it also contains vital writing resources for students. In the online database, students can search for examples of good essays. These examples can be printed out and taken home for further study. In addition, many libraries contain areas that are devoted to the writing process. Students can find style guides, essay examples and books about writing a compare/contrast essay.

  • Online Sites
  • If the student has already left school for the day, they can still find the help they need online. There are many websites that contain free or low-cost examples of a compare and contrast essay. Students can use these sites to find essays on a similar subject or just browse for ideas. There are also databases online that collect essays from across the web. These sites are often run by universities, so they are fairly inexpensive to use.

  • Ask a Teacher or a Classmate
  • It may seem obvious, but many students forget that their teacher probably has examples of compare and contrast essays. They may have copied essays from the previous semester or have a book entirely about the subject. In addition, fellow classmates may have examples of an essay written in a previous year or a different class. Teachers and classmates are an easy and available alternative to visiting a tutoring center.

  • Writing Websites
  • There are entire websites on the Internet that are dedicated to the subject of writing. In addition to offering outlines and advice, many of these websites will also have examples of good compare and contrast essays. Depending on the writing website, the essays may be offered for free or at a very low-cost Students can read through some of their favorite essays for ideas about what to write. An example essay from a writing website also provides a clear look of how the essay should be formatted by the student.


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