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If you wonder how to improve your essay writing skills, try the following tips:

How to improve your essay writing skills

Hooking the reader

How to start a essay with an awesome introduction is all about knowing how to hook your reader. Good writing should always take up most of the brain’s occupation so that the reader is so enthralled, they may as well be dreaming. Write your introduction with two goals in mind: To generate curiosity, and to create a maze of words that reads easily and interestingly.

Using illustrations

Should you want to know how to improve your essay writing skills, then remember that people love illustrations. If you are trying to explain something, examples can be very helpful. By relating something you are trying to generate interest about, try using an illustration of something that most people already find interesting. This helps you make a connection with the reader and also births a new curiosity in the reader for what you are discussing.

Don’t give advice—tell a story

No one likes to be told what to do. By turning your essay into a fascinating story, you will obtain the advantage of getting through to the reader without forcing yourself in. Reading is voluntary; so if you do not make an impression with every sentence, you risk losing your audience to the slightest distraction. A good little history lesson can be a good way to bring your point across. People relate better to working out their own lessons than being taught something by a teacher. If you want to state your case, do so with strategic story telling.

No redundancy

Your reader may feel slightly offended if you keep saying the same thing in different ways. We have all read a paragraph that contained at least three sentences relaying the same message. Do not underestimate your reader. By repeating yourself, you are showing your inability to write clearly, compellingly and concisely. In other words, write in a way that makes your reader understand your sentence, interested in your sentence, and able to move on to the next point.

Respect the reader

Recognize the type of person that will be reading your essay. If you can form some form of bond with the person on the other side of your essay, it will make a good impression and the reader will feel as if you really hit the mark. Think about the advantage is holds for a student when his or her professor appreciates the relevance of the writing. Being as clear as you can is also crucial. If you try and confuse the reader by using terms that do not make sense, you will surely lose them midway through your essay. Try and write in a way that you would be able to understand if you knew nothing on the topic. Your reader will respect you for your clarity.

Keeping your reader enthralled is all about making your essay easy to follow and informative to read. Make sure you know the reader and try to make a connection with him or her by not patronizing them with repetitive jargon. Being vague will also frustrate the reader so do not avoid confronting your topic head on and explaining it properly. If you value your reader, he or she will value your writing.


Proper Format

Breaking your essay into three to five line paragraphs makes the reader feel like they can pace themselves. Your essay will generally read easier if you break it up into smaller sections that do not look like an ocean of words. The same can be said for your introduction and conclusion. If you are exceeding 100 words, make sure you break up these sections into two parts.

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